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In the early days, Crane Group founder Robert S. Crane Sr. made a point of knowing the name of every associate in our company. His sons embraced his approachability, and were a frequent and welcomed presence on the floor of our manufacturing plants.
Today, Crane’s third-generation family leaders carry on this tradition. President and CEO Tanny Crane, and other family members active in the business, practice an open-door policy where any and all associates can contact them directly. A people-first culture has been an important part of the Crane Group from the beginning, and has been a foundation for much of our success. The result: enduring relationships with our associates and business partners.
The Crane name is well known in central Ohio, where the family is recognized as a generous and committed partner in the community. Through substantial financial gifts, scholarships, organized volunteer efforts, and personal time on boards, the Cranes have generously supported dozens of schools, museums, arts groups, and health and social service agencies. Columbus has been a supportive base for Crane Group over the years, and we feel a strong and ongoing obligation to give back.
In addition to Tanny, Crane family members involved in the business include Mike Crane (president of The Crane Group Companies) and Timothy Miller (vice president and general counsel of Crane Group). Chairman Emeritus Jameson Crane and his son, Jay Crane, both participate in many meetings and events, and Loann Crane, wife of the late Robert Crane Jr., is highly respected for her many ongoing philanthropic efforts. And she makes a point of stopping by our offices every week or so just to say hello.
To learn more about the Crane family culture, and how it enhances our associates and community at large, please visit the Opportunities and Community Service sections of this site.