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Crane Materials International (CMI) is the master brand for a family of leading products used by marine contractors and engineers across the United States and internationally. CMI invented vinyl sheet piling more than 25 years ago. Since then, the company has patented hundreds of products that have revolutionized the seawall industry and continues to develop new technologies to service the marine construction industry.
CMI offers a comprehensive line of products including seawalls, docks, piers, and marine pilings. As a leader in the research and development of plastic and composite solutions for the waterfront category, CMI is a natural extension of the Crane Group. We are committed to revolutionizing the industries we serve through experience, innovation, and customer satisfaction.
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CMI manufactures and supplies vinyl, Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP), and aluminum sheetpile for seawall construction along with durable piling and tieback products for the most complete, long-lasting seawall system in the world. Seawalls must withstand some of the most brutal conditions faced by any structure built today.
GatorDock is a complete line of marine access structures, including floating docks, fixed piers, and gangways. From large marinas to residential dock projects, CMI GatorDock products are all made with advanced marine grade materials and the latest technologies available.
TimberGuard and UltraComposite pilings are designed to protect a waterfront investment, whether it is a pier or a seawall. These advanced material products offer unmatched value and protection, and are designed to work alongside CMI?s ShoreGuard and UltraComposite sheet piles.
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Crane Materials International
1165 Northchase Parkway SE
Suite 300
Marietta, GA 30067
Duane Bryant
President, Crane Materials International
Did you know?
CMI has installed 10 times more linear feet of vinyl sheet piling than its closest competitor.